Rose Quartz Meaning

Welcome to Rose Quartz Meaning. This site will introduce you to the world of Rose Quartz Crystals. We look at the Rose Quartz Healing Properties and many other healing crystals alike. If you are looking to buy Rose Quartz Crystals then head over to our A-Store where I have handpicked some of my favourites.

What is the meaning of the Rose Quartz Crystal?

The rose quartz meaning is love. It is often referred to as the stone of universal love. Rose quartz crystals are known to bring trust and harmony into people’s relationships and can help balance people’s emotions.

Rose quartz is also a gemstone known for bringing happiness to its owner, hence why it is such a popular choice. Rose quartz crystals are also widely considered to heal negativity such as anger and resentment.

Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz crystals have properties that promote all types of love including self-love, nurturing love and romantic love. Additionally, they serve platonic love and the type of love you find between friends or siblings.

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By increasing personal awareness, the quartz crystal provides energy to the wearer to allow for both love and self-forgiveness.

The meaning of a rose quartz crystal is all about delivering kindness, patience and gentleness to others. With the numerous self-healing properties, it will also assist with trauma, agony or broken hearts.

A Rose Quartz Gemstone

The rose quartz gemstone meaning is all about loving yourself and feeling an increase in self-worth and self-esteem. This allows the user to release negative energy and negative thoughts. Because of these properties, rose quartz is often used in crystal therapy to treat depression.

Rose quartz rocks are normally a pale pink to a red hue in color. They are rarely found in crystal form and were first discovered in Brazil. Rose quartz is still found in India, Brazil, and the US. See Rose Quartz Rocks

Rose quartz healing properties are plentiful. These properties include promoting good heart health, improving the circulatory system and are associated with the heart chakra. (See information on the chakra test)

Rose Quartz gemstone meaningRose quartz also helps alleviate kidney and spleen issues, lessen migraines and reduce headaches. It can also improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and hide the signs of aging. To make the most of the rose quartz value, the gemstones are best worn close to the heart. A popular method is by wearing healing crystal necklaces.

Rose Quartz Jewellery

Many different strains of jewellery and other products have been made with rose quartz. This has allowed lots of people to enjoy both its beauty and healing properties. Wearers of rose quartz jewellery will experience that the stones are causing soft vibrations to flow through their body. This in turn causes the wearer’s aura to shine brightly with inner love. When buying rose quartz jewellery, be sure to take notice of the clarity of the stone. Typically, the clearer the stone, the lesser the rose quartz value and benefits will be.

How Would You Use Rose Quartz Stones?

rose quartz earringsRose quartz does not need to be only worn as jewellery to be affective. The quartz crystal energy can be felt by scattering tumble gemstones throughout the house or worn in a pocket close to the chest. These methods allow the vibrations to resonate throughout the house or through the body. Tip# Consider using a rose quartz lamp for maximum benefits around your household.

There a many ways of using the rose quartz crystals. It is not unusual to hear of people sleeping with some small stones under their pillow or to have them scattered around the base of the bed. Interestingly, some people consider the stones to be very beneficial when stored in the bedroom. They are the stone of love after all.

Rose Quartz Facts

Rose quartz is the zodiac gemstone for Taurus and Libra. People who fall under these sun signs will find that the vibrations of rose quartz resonate stronger within them than that of others. This is because the gemstones are thought to work in harmony with the star constellations. Together, they enhance the worth for the wearer.

Buy Rose QuartzCrystal Jewellery

Rose quartz jewellery also makes a very thoughtful anniversary gift. Rose quartz is a 2nd year anniversary gift, alongside garnet. The gemstone garnet symbolises eternal friendship, love, passion and truth.

Rose Quartz is also known to be a gemstone that is good for a business or a partnership. This is why these stones, when set together in a gift, can make an attractive adornment with the added bonus of bringing nurturing, albeit passionate love and a calming affect to any relationship.

Is Rose Quartz for me?

If you are uncertain whether rose quartz is the right stone for you, please take the Chakra Test to see how it can assist you. Rose quartz has been linked to the heart chakra and is understood to promote good heart health. There are many merits of this stone and it can be favourable for people from all walks of life.

rose quartz necklaceNow that you understand the meaning of rose quartz, think how it can be utilised in your life. There are so many advantages of wearing and using these gemstones for their numerous metaphysical properties. For more information on the physical properties of rose quartz please visit the Wikipedia page.

If you would like to share your experiences with rose quartz and what it means to you, please do so by posting your stories on the Rose Quartz Meaning Twitter page. I am always impressed by the personal accounts of the rose quartz readers and how they gain a different perspective on life from their use of these crystal gems. I am sure the rest of the rose quartz meaning readers and followers would feel the same way.

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Fill your life with rose quartz and therefore fill your life with love and happiness.

By Lynda Wyatt

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