Gemotherapy: the properties of rose quartz

As its name indicates, it is a pink stone, within the group of quartz, and is considered one of the most energetic stones that exist. Its meanings are: love, warmth and compassion. Much more information about gem therapy: the properties of rose quartz.

Meaning of the rose quartz
All stones have their meaning, and rose quartz is no exception. It is related to everything that has to do with the heart and it is usual to place it under the pillow in the double bed to help face the problems and keep the couple happy. It is a translucent and a little cloudy stone that can go from pale pink to intense pink.

It is believed that this tone is the result of a combination of titanium, iron, impurities of colloidal gold and manganese. It is found mostly in Brazil, South Africa, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, Namibia, Sweden, Australia and India.

In addition, he has the ability to deal with feelings, not only of love, but also for pain. It is excellent to have a rose quartz in your bag or somewhere in the house as a soothing effect. It can also help raise self-esteem and feel loved, to rejuvenate the skin and preserve beauty.

As for the signs of the zodiac, rose quartz is identified with Taurus and Libra. And its main chakra is the heart.

Healing properties of rose quartz
Being a stone related to the heart, it increases the benefits for this organ. It is ideal to improve blood circulation and avoid cardiovascular problems. Above all, rose quartz is used to calm people’s anxiety and stress. It should not be used as a medical treatment, but it helps in the healing process. It is also good for reducing high blood pressure.

It is said that it is very good to be encouraged to adopt a more contemplative, more cheerful attitude in life and not take everything so seriously, that is, not to get upset in an exaggerated way or for a long period. Gives courage, heals traumatic emotions and emotional wounds. Restores harmony in relationships of family or couple, can reduce aggression, resentment and anger and allow forgiveness. It can also help to establish emotional connections, to express and experience love and friendship and to feel confident in oneself.

Rose quartz and its meaning
Most people know the rose quartz mineral as the stone of love. This is because one of the most known and extended properties of this mineral is its healing property of love. This power comes from the fact that quartz generates a weak vibration which causes positive energies to be brought.

Stylized pink quartz

If you look at the chakras, people say that rose quartz has magical, loving properties, that is, it is able to open the heart and connect the spirit with the body eliminating all the pain related to love.

Spiritual meaning
If we talk about the spiritual meaning of rose quartz, we will find that its powers, as we have said before, are closely linked with love and the heart. Within the groups of quartz, rose quartz is considered one of the most energetic minerals that exist. Their spiritual meanings not only remain in love but also include warmth and compassion. That is why rose quartz is used in gem therapy or the use of minerals for healing.

Where is the rose quartz?
Rose quartz is usually found mostly in areas of the United States, Germany, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, India or Australia, although you can also find rose quartz in small quantities all over the world.

Properties of rose quartz
The properties of the pink quartz stone are very extensive. It is a crystal capable of generating positive energies thanks to its low vibration. In love, rose quartz crystal is known to have amazing potential and offer great help in loving and spiritual growth. Both the raw pink crystal and any other decoration that carries this mineral, have the same properties. Numerous experts have spoken about the incredible properties of pure rose quartz and its great potential.

Rose quartz is known as the mineral that exerts an infinite inner peace and unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for the heart chakra because it allows you to learn the true and unique essence of love.

pink quartz tip Thanks to the amorous vibrations it allows to extract the negative energies and replace them gently.

The rose quartz is one of the best minerals to release the pain and those emotions that we have not been able to express relieving our inner pain and healing our emotional plane.

The pink quartz crystal has its greatest effectiveness when it is placed near the heart due to its properties, or in a corner of your room (where you sleep).

Healing properties
Rose quartz has the healing properties that make it easier to ask for forgiveness and an increase in your self-esteem and self-acceptance increasing the confidence you have in yourself. When you have lost your love it is the perfect mineral because it comforts your sorrows.

Energy properties
In the field of energy properties, rose quartz is able to extract negative energies and replace them with positive energies thanks to its low vibration. These energies are responsible for opening your Chakras of love and allowing the pink quartz to apply its healing properties.

pink quartz stones

The pink quartz stone and its cleaning. Learn how to load it.
In this section we will learn how to make a pink quartz cleaning and how to load it so it is as good as new. The techniques used are the most common for cleaning quartz. One of the most used and best known techniques is to put your pink quartz stone in a bowl full of water and sea salt (to be able to be sea water) and immerse the stone throughout the night, if possible a night with a full moon .

pink quartz heart-shaped Once this is done, the stone should be rinsed with fresh water until we see that there is no trace of salt left in the sun until it dries completely (a couple of hours on a sunny day).

Another way to recharge it is to leave it on another natural quartz stone as long as this natural quartz is properly cleaned and charged. That’s why the best technique is to clean it with seawater and let it dry in the sun

The pink quartz stone has the ability to maintain its properties for a long period of time and does not need to be cleaned constantly. Thanks to its low frequency vibration it is able to stay clean and charged for months. However, whenever you want it or if you think it is losing effectiveness, you can clean it and recharge it without any fear.

Mystical characteristics
This crystal is extremely powerful and used for innumerable mystical and magical purposes, but we can cite the main ones: it helps to awaken good feelings in people, even love. With him come the sense of forgiveness of approach of people, union and self-love.

It is considered one of the main crystals in the treatment of emotional therapies, balancing emotions and harmony, although the person is still going through a strong situation of mental crisis.

In this way, its reassuring energy manages to extract the negativity of the main chakras, restoring the functional order of the whole organism.

Some esoterics still believe that having a stone under the pillow helps soothe and get a good night’s sleep.

Properties of rose quartz
Due to its delicate stoning and typical coloration, pink crystal is highly sought after, being one of the most sold stones in the specialized trade. The most desired are those that tend to transparency, because some believe that those are purer.

Meaning of your name
The name of that stone does not have anything special, because it combines its typology (quartz) with its main color: pink.

As the name itself says, its main coloration is even pink, however, it can have other shades ranging from the darkest pink to almost the total transparency of the piece.

Effects of this quartz crystal on the mental, emotional and spiritual
In the mental field the crystal acts by rebalancing the brain waves, bringing good thoughts, positivity, tranquility and confidence.

In the emotional field that beautiful glass helps to forget the problems of the past and have self-confidence and self-love so that the person can promote a revolution in their life, removing everything and any discouragement.

Finally, in the spiritual field, rose quartz helps to eliminate the negative energies present in the chakras, replacing them with others of a positive nature.

Meaning of the rose quartz
The pink quartz stone owes its name to its color as is evident. Its main meaning is love and harmony in both couples and love between friends and family. Proof of this is that your shakra is the heart.

Able to connect soulmates and open hearts that have been hurt so they can love again without fear. You have to be clear that this stone is one of the most powerful among all the crystals.

What is Rose quartz for?

The Rose Quartz what is it for? The properties of rose quartz are multiple, ranging from decoration to carving and varied designs to its mystical uses that we will see below.

Energetic and mystical properties
As usual in almost all quartz, rose quartz stone has very special energetic properties.

As I said at the beginning, rose quartz is known as “the love stone” and this is not only because of its color.

This quartz helps us in love or in lovelessness, helps us to find the true meaning and what love represents. It allows us to find the facility to spontaneously express all that we feel for the people we love.

For example with a piece of quartz in your home, you will notice how your partner will be more emotional because it will be easier to express their love samples. In addition to helping you love yourself more, something really necessary in these times.

Not everything is about love, the rose quartz also helps to find peace and tranquility, strengthens relationships with people around you, thanks to its great ability to eliminate the negative energies and charges present in the relationships of people between friends, family and couples.

Curative Uses
Rose quartz is credited with healing properties such as reducing the damage caused by electromagnetic waves of electronic devices that we live with every day.

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