Clear Quartz Meaning

clear quartz meaning imageThe clear quartz meaning is of energy and healing. Clear quartz crystals have metaphysical properties for healing due to the high vibration of energy that is released. Due to the energetic behavior, these healing stones work best when combined with other healing crystals as they amplify the benefits of all the different crystals used in your healing practices.

The clear color of these quartz signifies clarity. The user will notice clarity in their thinking as their mind, body and spirit react to the energizing benefits of the crystals. This clarity extends to clear thinking in any situation, improves perception and will increase self-awareness in the user.

clear crystal ball

These beautiful crystal gemstones connect both the physical and the spiritual body together. Due to the clarity of these energy healing crystals, you will often find clear quartz in the form of a crystal ball. When looking to buy quartz crystal, you should primarily search for clear quartz that is transparent and has no color.

Some quartz stones appear to have smudges through the crystals. Quartz crystals have a hardness of 7. If you attempt to scratch a genuine clear quartz crystal with a knife it will not leave any marks.

Healing Crystal Jewellery

Wearing clear quartz healing crystal jewellery is a great way to harness the vibrations of these energy crystals. These healing crystals for you can be the connection between yourself and the spiritual realm.

Clear crystal quartz is associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra connects you to the universal world around you. The subtle energy vortex controls your central nervous system, co-ordination, thought regulation and will develop spiritually within yourself and those who are around you. Crystal chakra healing is used by many people and by using clear quartz, this allows you to open your crown chakra, thus helping to align all your chakras.
December 13, 2012

Lynda Wyatt