Hematite Meaning

What is Hematite?

The gemstone hematite is also spelt and known as Haematite. Hematite meaning is of the mind. It is commonly known as a stone of the mind due to its association with overcoming negative thoughts, emotions and improving self esteem.

Hematite meaning crystal

Hematite is a mineral form of iron oxide and is not a crystal. It is believed to help it’s wearers with the absorption of iron and to improve energy levels. It is one of the few magnetic stones that have metaphysical properties. This is why this stone is considered so valuable to those who use gemstones in meditation. Hematite gemstones are usually found in mineral hot springs or near areas of volcanic activity.


Hematite Healing

Holding hematite in your hands and thinking of the areas that needs to be healed can be enough to notice a difference. Many people use this stone to aid in recovery after surgery or when they need to revive their spiritual self.

Combing magnetic hematite and rose quartz crystals together in your healing routine will amplify the results. Hematite meaning is associated with the mind. Using hematite can increase your ability to focus, concentrate and can help improve your memory. As a stone of the mind, wearing a magnetic hematite necklace can sometimes be the best way to take advantage of the metaphysical properties of hematite.

Hematite stones are connected with the base chakra, which is the basis of our energy source throughout the body. These healing stones help one feel grounded, safe and protected. Hematite is a good stone if you feel the need for extra protection in your life and being more in tune with your own feelings. Magnetic hematite is known as a grounding stone and can make a great present for those who need to become more self aware and need to dissolve negativity in their lives. These beautiful healing stones are very effective due to their magnetic properties and can be beneficial to all who use or wear them.

Hematite Powers

The hematite powers have healing properties which include the physical being. They are renown for aiding with circulatory problems, which is the reason they work so well when combined with rose quartz healing techniques. Hematite healing properties have a beneficial affect on the mind. They aid with addictions and compulsive behaviour.

Hematite can be teamed up in healing practices with amethyst crystals, especially when dealing with addictions. Keep in mind that these stones should only be used as an aid and a supplementary healer alongside more traditional methods.

If you are on a spiritual path, try combining hematite with turquoise. This combination works well if you are in need of some extra luck in your life. (If you are in need of extra money try using hematite and citrine together)

Hematite Jewellery

Hematite meaning jewellery imageHematite stones are normally a grey or black colour with a beautiful metallic sheen to them. Hematite jewellery, such as hematite bracelets or necklaces, have a very unusual look about them. This makes them remarkable and very memorable. Magnetic hematite beads or stones can be left around the house for added benefits for anyone present in the room. The beautiful healing properties here are numerous, it really is up to you how you decide to incorporate them into your life.

If you want to buy hematite, it is one of the few beautiful healing stones that is considered unisex. Because of the large quantities or iron found in hematite, it is often thought of as a male stone. Why not buy the man in your life a hematite ring so they can benefit from hematite healing powers as well.

For more information about hematite use and the properties of these stones visit Wikipedia.