Herkimer Diamond Meaning

Herkimer Diamond Quartz CrystalsHerkimer diamond meaning is of spirituality.  These positive energy stones help the owner connect with the spirit world. Herkimer diamond energy is usually of a spiritual nature. They can assist with astral travel and finding your spiritual guide.  One only has to hold one of these energy crstyals to feel the strong vibrations pulse through their body.

What is Herkimer Diamond?

Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz crystals and not diamonds. They are commonly known as the diamond discovered in NYC. Herkimer diamond mines are in Herkimer, New York City . The mine is a tourist attraction where you are able to search for your own herkimer quartz crystals.

Herkimer Diamond Ring

They are double terminated crystals which means they have a point at either end. Being double terminated makes these healing crystals super powerful, that can receive and transmit their own positive energy. They are easily one of the most dynamic quartz crystals used in healing practices. These gemstones look similar to other clear quartz crystals but you will notice immediately upon holding one that their vibrations are much stronger.

Herkimer diamond properties include the double termination and different colours of the crystal. It can range from being clear, contain rainbow colours, air or water bubbles and some contain black carbon deposits that can give the crystals a smoky appearance.

Herkimer Diamond Healing

The healing properties of herkimer diamonds are amazing, these stones were made to heal. They are the best crystals for healing. To simply eradicate pain in the body place one of these healing stones on that part of the body and let these energy crystals start working their magic. Since these stones contain so much energy it is possible to receive astounding results by only using small herkimer diamond beads.

Herkimer diamond uses extend to purifying the body of toxins and removing any blockages within the body. Due to the amount of energy in this stone it can overcome physical exhaustion and those suffering from chronic fatigue and other immune disorders. Herkimer stones are excellent at relieving stress and tension and allowing their owner to relax and feel comfortable within their own skin. These healing crystals allow the emotional and the physical body to become in tune and balanced.

Herkimer Diamond Metaphysical Properties

Herkimer Diamond MeaningHerkimer diamonds are the most powerful of all the quartz crystal healing stones. They contain a lot of energy that can help align and open all of the chakras, clearing any blockages and allowing free flowing spiritual energy throughout the body. They are especially useful when working on the crown and the third eye chakra.

Herkimer diamonds allow a crystal healer and their customer to attune to each other quite quickly before a session. These crystals are capable of attuning their owner to the Divine. The light energy that radiates from these stones is the strongest of all the healing crystals.

Buy Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond prices are much higher than other quartz crystals due to the rarity and clarity of the stones. Ensure that you are buying crystals that are a real herkimer diamond. There are similar crystals that are found in Afghanistan, India, Mexico, Tibet and other locations around the world that are usually referred to as fenster crystals. Fenster gemstones lack the clarity and magnificence of the herkimer diamonds.

The value of herkimer diamonds can range from 100 – 1,000’s of dollars depending on the size and the clarity of the stone. You can find herkimer diamonds for sale in online crystal shops and regular jewellery stores. If you buy healing crystals online or from any store ensure that you cleanse the crystals first before you work with them. Herkimer diamonds have a memory and can hold vibrations and feelings from anyone who has come into contact with these gemstones.

Herkimer diamond crystal meaningBy wearing herkimer diamond jewellery it is a great way to harness the energy from these stones. Herkimer diamond rings are a nice way to benefit from these stones. The energy given from these stones is so strong that some wearers find it difficult to wear the stones on their body for extended periods of time as they might become disorientated or overwhelmed by the spiritual energy given off.

Herkimer Diamond Uses

Herkimer diamonds work well when combined with other healing crystals. Due to the energy of these stones they amplify the benefits of all other crystals. Interestingly, it is for this reason that they are often used at the centre of a crystal grid. Herkimer diamond when combined with moldavite, another strong energy stone leads to some amazing results. Using citrine crystals and herkimer diamonds together will ward off negative energies.

Crystal meditation with herkimer quartz crystals allows the user to free their mind and become more aware of their body. These crystals assist with opening the chakras which aids meditation. By placing these gemstones under the bed it assists with sleep and astral travel, this is why after all the herkimer diamond stone meaning is of spiritual awareness and energy. Using herkimer diamonds with amethysts will ensure the owner will have a nightmare free sleep, aid lucid dreaming and help with memory recall the next day.

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