Rose Quartz Feng Shui with a Rose Quartz Lamp

Using a Rose Quartz Lamp with Meditation

rose quartz lamp photoHaving a Rose Quartz Lamp in your house is a great way of intensifying the healing energy of the crystal by magnifying certain frequencies which target the heart chakra. With the rose quartz gemstone removing fears, anxiety and tension from the room, a rose quartz lamp can help increase love and happiness.

Meditation with a rose quartz lamp can be used to help keep love relationships strong and to increase self love. Rose quartz is known for being able to attract new love as well as repairing broken relationships and retaining loved ones.

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Rose Quartz Feng Shui

rose quartz heartsThe rose quartz healing process can take place by careful placement of rose quartz around the home. One example of rose quartz feng shui is to place a rose quartz heart in the most south-west area of your home. In feng shui this is known as being the area which is heavily connected to the energy of love, trust and marriage.

Rose Quartz Love Stone

According to Rose Quartz Feng Shui, another way of using rose quartz for love is to place a number of Rose Quartz rocks (sometimes referred to as rose quartz love stones) under the bed. This helps cure love in the bedroom.

Remember, when you buy Rose Quartz crystal or receive any rose quartz gift, you must cleanse them before using them. This should be done with any crystals, as it resets the vibrations and allows them to be responsive to the new home and owner. This is to ensure the maximum effect. See our information on cleansing with the ‘Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

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