Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Healing

Rose quartz healing is an alternative and complementary therapy that is best used alongside traditional medical practices. Readers please use your stones as an additional therapy to your current medical regime.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose quartz properties for healing are numerous. The meaning of rose quartz is it is the stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz crystals can heal many mental issues such as depression caused by low self-esteem and low self-worth. These rose quartz stones can reduce anxiety in the owner and fill them with calm when worn close to the heart chakra. Rose quartz crystals can increase fertility levels and can help protect the wearer from miscarriage. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra and allows the owner to accept love into their life, all types of love. Love for the family, yourself, platonic love and love in general for all creatures. By accepting love into your life this will lower stress levels.

Heart Chakra

By opening your heart chakra it can increase creativity levels in the owner. This is great for artists and writers. Other professions can benefit from rose quartz crystals energy. Opening of the heart chakra allows you to become a more open person, more caring, loving and trusting. There are many advantages of trying to open your chakras. To find out the health of your chakras, try the 3 minute chakra test. 

How to use Rose Quartz?

rose quartz properties earringsPlace rose quartz in your workplace by your computer to lessen eye strain and reduce the effects of migraines and headaches. Rose quartz crystals in the office can help to reduce stress to those who are close by. To gain the healing properties of rose quartz it is best to wear rose quartz jewellery that way it is close to your heart and you gain the healing benefit of these quartz crystals at all times. Theses stones can help with sleeping issues when placed inside a pillowcase or placed around a bed. The good energy and vibrations given off by these stones will calm the sleeper and improve the quality of their sleep. To increase the rose quartz benefits in the bedroom try combining them with amethyst crystals. By placing these stones around your bed they can improve your sex life. These crystal gems have been known to help reduce sexual problems, they are the stone of love after all!

Rose quartz crystals healing powers extend to the internal organs as well. It can improve heart health and is believed to lower blood pressure. It can help alleviate kidney and spleen issues. It also aids with chest and lung problems. Rose quartz crystals can help lower stress levels which will help with any conditions of the heart. Rose quartz is one of the good healing crystals for cancer as it helps improve the mood and fills the wearer with positivity. 

Rose Quartz Skin

Rose Quartz Skin jewelleryRose quartz crystals have been known to assist with the reduction of fine lines. These stones have been used for centuries as a simple anti-aging technique. Gently rub the stones over your face, so they start to give your face a soothing massage. If you do this daily as a preventative measure you will notice the difference. Rose quartz healing crystals are now being used by beauticians as part of their facial routines due to the energy given from these healing crystals.

For rose quartz benefits everyday wear a stone close to your body. This can easily be done with a beautiful piece of rose quartz jewellery or crystal gems can be worn loosely inside your bra or shirt pocket. For those who prefer not to wear these gemstones on a daily basis, by scattering rose quartz crystals throughout your home and office you will reap the benefits of these beautiful crystal rocks. There are many ways to channel the healing properties of these stones, but only you can decide which method is best for you. The meaning of rose quartz will help you find love for yourself and for those around you.

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If you have any feedback on how to use rose quartz and how it has helped you in your life, please contact us to share your stories.

January 2, 2013

Lynda Wyatt