Smoky Quartz Meaning

Smoky quartz engagement ringSmoky quartz meaning is of protection and grounding. Sometimes this crystal quartz can be referred to as smokey quartz crystal. Smoky crystal quartz is still a positive energy stone like the rest of the quartz family they allow positive energy to enter once negative energy has been removed.

How smoky quartz crystals differ from the rest of the quartz family is that they slowly release their energy which is why they make such great grounding stones.

Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky quartz is one of the quartz family’s energy stones and crystals. They are the national gemstone for Scotland where they are referred to as Cairngorm as they were originally found in the Cairngorm Mountains. The meaning of smoky quartz has been sacred since it was discovered in this region, they are believe to ward off bad luck. Smoky quartz minerals have also been mined in Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA.

These stones have  a hardness of 7 like the rest of the quartz family and are quite a durable stone. They are often seen as a stone with enduring qualities due to the slow energy release. They are normally a brown or grey to black in colour and are transparent or semi-transparent. The colour comes naturally from radiation from the environment, the quartz crystals can be coloured artificially but these will not be as useful in your healing practices.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

Smoky quartz crystal meaningSmoky quartz healing properties are effective at alleviating painful muscles, toothaches, dissolving cramps and reducing headaches, migraines and fevers. These healing energy stones are effective in matters of the abdomen, kidneys, the heart, other internal organs such as the pancreas and reproductive system.

Smoky quartz works especially well with any pain associated with the back and the lower part of the body. This stone is great for removing toxins and excessive fluid from the body and when combined with herkimer diamonds you can have astounding results.

Smoky quartz metaphysical properties aid the wearer with getting more from life, these stones stop negativity entering and replace with a positive grounding energy. These stones healing powers help the user become more organised. Consider scattering some smoky quartz beads around your home or office for best results.

Smoky Quartz Uses

Due to the grounding qualities of these crystals they are great healing stones for anxiety and depression sufferers. They are wonderful crystals for calming the wearer and those in close vicinity to the stones. To gain maximum benefit try wearing jewellery such as a smoky quartz gold ring or smoky quartz earrings.

smoky quartz earrings goldDue to the relaxing energies given off by this stone it works wonders to help still the mind during meditation. These healing crystals assist with reaching higher states of consciousness and becoming more in tune with your spiritual guide and another realm.

It also helps you to remember your dreams, scattering some smoky quartz and amethyst around your bed will ensure a good night’s sleep with vivid dreams.

Try using these crystals for chakras balancing especially where the root chakra is concerned. Smoky quartz have a stronger connection from the torso down. These stones make great protection stones against negative energy from within yourself and outer sources.

If you are in a relationship you can benefit by the stimulation of combined energies working together. This is another reason why they can can be beneficial when used in the workplace to assist with teamwork and team building.

Smoky Quartz Value

Smoky quartz prices are usually around the $20 mark per carat for cut faceted stones. When looking for smoky quartz for sale ensure to look for the clarity of the stone which reflects light well.  This price range is only for smoky quartz gemstones and  doesn’t take into account the quality of work of jewellery that it might be set in.

Smoky quartz can lose their colour when exposed to sunlight for too long and hence loose some of their healing properties.Be aware of artificially heat treated quartz that is passed off as smoky quartz, sometimes the only way to tell if it has been heat treated is by knowing the location that the real smoky quartz crystals originate from.

You can benefit from smoky quartz magical properties by using quartz beads or wearing smoky quartz jewellery. Wearing healing crystal necklaces is one way to have the soft vibrations channel through your body on a daily basis. Because of the slow release energy from these stones it is possible to wear the jewellery for a long time without feeling overwhelmed.