Tiger Eye Meaning

One of the readers of rosequartzmeaning.com wanted to share their feelings about the stone tigereye and its meaning. Thanks to Rebecca Moore for contributing the following post.

Tiger Eye Meaning

Tigers Eye StoneThere are stones that are beyond the ordinary because they have special properties for which they are valued. The tigers eye stone is one of such stones and for as many who know the true potential and value of this stone, they would fight to keep it.

It is understandable if you are one of those who do not know what this stone means or you do not know yet what values are locked up in this precious gem. I believe you will be able to pick up one or two salient facts about this rare gem as you go along with this short read.

Time and again I have heard people ask for tiger eye meaning and in order to satisfy the quest of such people I would define it as a quartz crystal which has some bands of yellow-golden color run through it. The way this coloration runs through this stone gives it an appealing appearance to behold. The stone got its name from the resemblance it holds with the eye of a tiger or that of a cat.

Though the stone cannot be said to be classified as a quartz crystal, it is admittedly recognized as one of the quartz family because it is a variation of quartz with fibers of gold asbestos that it posses which gives it gold luster. Tiger eye is mined from Australia, Burma, Brazil, India and South Africa.

Tigereye imagesAgain, apart from the appealing appearance of the stone, it also has some other properties which make it highly valued. The healing properties of stones are well known and for this, tigers eye is no exception.

The stone is known to support balance and harmony and can help you ward off anxiety and fear. Long before now, the quartz crystal has been known to possess such properties that make it useful as an amulet that can be used to against curses and ill-wishes. This is why this stone is regularly known as a protection stone, these protective qualities are enhanced when it is combined with amethyst.

Traditionally, it has also been known to be very useful for instilling courage, strength of will and self confidence. It is believed there is a sleepy giant in everybody and until you are able to find your potentials and begin to exploit them, you will not be making the best of your time. The use of this rare stone can cause the awakening of that sleepy giant in you and enhance your creative ability which is one of the things you would need to separate yourself from the others around you.

There are numerous crystals for healing which people put to good use. Tiger eye meaning holds its importance again in the realm of supernatural healing and this makes it to be one of those rare gems again that are sought after for their healing properties. Tiger eye stones are well known to help you become more in tune with psychic abilities and your intuition.

The healing properties of tigers eye are strong enough to support you with basic survival needs and give strength to your ailing spirit. As long as the stone is kept within your aura, it is going to give out energy and because it is such a great amplifier of energy, it will increase your energy when it ebbs low during a time of sickness. Due to the amount of energy emitted from these stones they work well as amplifiers when used alongside other crystals. Combining this stone with moldavite increases the successful opportunity of a transformation in your life.

Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger eye stone is no ordinary stone and it is one that is used not only for its appealing appearance. Its ability to emit helpful energy within the sacral chakra helps people who usually find it difficult to make commitments or follow through with what needs to be done. If you therefore need healing, courage, self confidence and spiritual grounding then this stone could be the right stone for you.

To gain the most from your tiger eye on a daily basis you can wear tiger eye jewellery. It is best to wear something as close to the base chakra as possible. Tiger eye rings and tiger eye bracelets are the most powerful.

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