Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise meaning rocks imageTurquoise meaning is of protection and truth. This healing stone can protect its owner from harm from others, harm from negative thoughts and emotions. Turquoise is also a stone that encourages truth, be true to yourself and to tell truth in all situations. With this truth comes better communication and peace of mind to the owner.

The metaphysical properties for turquoise are numerous it has the ability to ground the wearer, improve self awareness, brings a sense of calm to the owner and it helps open the heart chakra. Which is why turquoise and rose quartz work well together for your healing regime. Turquoise is one of the chakra crystals that works by helping to open the heart chakra. This chakra healing stone incites love for thyself and those around you, it promotes loyalty and friendship. It is said that if you receive a turquoise stone from a friend that that friendship will remain true and loyal for life. Turquoise radiates positive energy that will rub off on its owner and helps when it is used in healing practices.

The History of Turquoise Meaning Through the Ages

turquoise meaning imageTurquoise has a rich history with Native American Indians who honoured the stone and would use it as a protection amulet. It is considered a stone that represents the sky, water and brings blessings, protection and good fortune to the owner. Turquoise meaning to the Native Americans is considered to be a stone of life as the colour resembles water which brings life to all beings. This is why it was considered to bring good health and a long life to anyone who wore it. The Egyptians highly valued turquoise stones for their protective qualities, it was believed to fend off an untimely death.

Turquoise obtained its name as being a “Turkish stone” as the first stones in the modern ages were found in Turkey before being exported throughout Europe. It has been prized for thousands of years due to the beautiful blue hues in the stone, it is possible to find grayish-blue or greenish-blue stones as well. Today the majority of turquoise is found in the US, Mexico and China and is rarely found in a crystal form but mined as a gemstone. The best turquoise comes from Iran and is valued for its sky blue colour. When buying crystals it is possible to buy fake turquoise stones, you can spot these as they can look like a chalky stone that has been dyed by injection and they will not have a uniformed colour.

Turquoise Healing

Turquoise has been known to improve mental prowess and bring wisdom to its owner. It helps with clarity of thinking, improved communication and improves self expression and creativity. This is one reason why this healing stone is regularly used by writers to overcome writers’ block.

It is a spiritual stone that improves your spiritual awareness, provides calmness and grounds the wearer. Combining turquoise and amethyst healing together can help with addictive traits as turquoise has detoxifying benefits. Turquoise boosts mental health and strength.

Turquoise healing properties extend to helping overcome anorexia and mental illnesses including depression, anxiety and stress. It can help cure headaches, toothaches, it improves hearing and has many cardiovascular benefits such as improving circulation and heart health.
Turquoise meaning jewellery imageThis healing stone also alleviates gout, stomach and respiratory problems such as viral infections. It improves muscular strength and tone while reducing muscle aches and cramps. It enhances your immune system and helps protect and ward off common ailments.

A great way to ensure you benefit from the healing properties of turquoise is to wear turquoise jewellery. Turquoise has such beautiful hues of blue that works well when combined with silver or copper, this will enhance the healing powers and makes for some remarkable pieces of turquoise jewellery. Wearing a turquoise necklace enhances the benefits as turquoise works at the throat chakra to encourage good communication for the wearer and it helps to open the heart chakra.

Turquoise is a very calming colour and this stone has a similar affect on its owner. To learn more about the colour turquoise and how it can benefit you, visit this site that shows you how to empower yourself with colours.

Turquoise spiritual meaning can be what you want it to be, this is a very versatile healing stone that attunes itself to your needs.

November 26, 2012